I’m pleased to announce that the new iOS App for Eniscope, the Real-time Energy Management System, is available for immediate download HERE

This App has been designed so that even non-technical users can get involved in helping their organisations to save energy. The real-time feedback, live notifications and performance comparisons provide the information and the motivation that is proven to reveal simple energy saving opportunities and inspire positive behaviour change.

We also believe this App will be particularly useful for empowering employees to save energy in multi-site scenarios (e.g. banks, restaurants, convenience stores etc.) where it is often not realistic to have an experienced energy manager at each location.

Features include:

  • Ability to add your meter data together or view your meters individually
  • Auto-scaling Real-time kW dial that turns red when a target is exceeded
  • Easy to understand historical consumption comparisons
  • Realtime notifications of any triggered or recovered alarms
  • Option for users to add notes confirming energy saving actions they have taken
  • To understand more about the Eniscope Teal Time Energy Monitoring System visit here