For last 2 and half years we have had many friends who wanted to join us to market and sell our products and services online, since then our team worked really hard to build our online store “ECOSTORE” and finally we got it done.

So starting from this day we will be helping interested individuals start their own Energy Saving Business by letting them set up the Online store with our full assistance.

It is fully customizable website with eCommerce functions to receive payments online, you can shape and form your eCommerce site  to suit your business by adding your logo, changing colors, selecting beautiful fonts, your company address and many more.

Our Current package consists of:

  1. Complete eCommerce Site
  2. One free Domain for 2 years (Yours Company.Com
  3. Free unlimitted Hosting for one year
  4. Customizing assistance
  5. Your own email (yours
  6. Your Logo and Company Name
  7. Get 20% discount on all the products you sell on your site from Ecoscopes
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