Today conventional type street lighting like Gas discharge lamp (HPSV,HPMV) are used extensively for street lighting application significantly some amount of energy being wasted due to high source voltage fluctuation ,over compensating the lighting levels based on requirement and frequent failure of fixtures due to high voltage.

We are extensively prompted to ES-25 Energy Saver to save Energy up to 40% and reduce frequent failure of fixtures.

Features & Benefits of ES-25 Energy Saver

  1. Save Energy up to 40%
  2. Timer & voltage based Automatic dimming system through contactor/thyrister switching
  3. Energy saver cum distribution panels for new projects
  4. High & Low voltage cut off facility
  5. Initial ignition of fixtures in dimming system.

Energy saver for Dimmable Power LED Lighting

Using LED for lighting is becoming popular application due to high-efficiency and long life.  The ever-growing challenge in industrial / street light / commercial establishments is of usage of power LEDs over illuminating due to high power dissipation and difficulty in matching the exact requirement of illumination at specific workplaces and none of the establishments accept lower illumination and LED suppliers design to overshoot the lighting levels as a safety factor.  The technology we introduce  for dimmable power LEDs will intelligently optimizes the voltage levels and protect the LED driver failure due to high voltage and saves electrical energy between 10 to 30%.

Why we use dimmable LEDs

  • To save electricity bills
  • To adjust artificial lighting levels and meet the needs and to create more comfortable environment
  • To reduce eye strain due to high power LED glare and radiation
  • To reduce failure of LED drivers due to high source voltage
  • To dim street light after 10 PM in the night due to low traffic  and conserve energy