Motor Energy Saver

This is a summary of some applications which are usually suitable for the iMEC optimization energy saving routine. The market is divided by industry, then applications within the industry, and finally the benefits of iMEC on those applications. This list is by no means exhaustive, there are many other good applications for our product, but it should give you an idea of some of the best places to start.


SS = Soft Start,

 SST = Soft Stop, OPT = Optimisation, SD = Shut Down, SP = Sheer Pin instantaneous overload. 



Presses: SS, OPT, SP
Screw Compressors: SS, OPT
Reciprocating Compressors: SS, OPT
Die Cast machines: SS, OPT
Vacuum Pumps: SS, OPT


Chippers: SS, OPT
Saws (circular, band): SS, OPT, SP
Conveyors: SS, OPT


Injection Moulding: SS, OPT
Granulators: SS, OPT


Conveyors: SS, OPT
Crushers: SS, OPT, SP
Mixers: SS, OPT

Finished Stone

Tile Cutters: SS, OPT
Marble Cutters: SS, OPT, SP
Presses: OPT, SS, SP
Polishers: SS, OPT

Applications powered by Generators

Always good due to KVA reduction.
Could allow more equipment to be run off the generator.


Crushers:  SS,OPT,SP
Conveyors: SS,OPT
Grinders:  SS,OPT,SP
Agitators: SS, OPT


Pump jacks: SS, OPT

Food Processing

Mixers: SS, OPT, SP
Grinders: SS, OPT
Agitators: SS, OPT
Packaging Conveyors: SS, OPT
Compressors SS, OPT
Hydraulics SS, OPT

Water Utilities

Bore Hole Pumps: SS, SST, SD
(for dry well protection)

Commercial Sector

Escalators: SS, OPT
Lifts: SS, OPT
(A/C motor driving D/C Generator)
Airport Travelators: SS, OPT, SP
Baggage Handling: SS, OPT, SP