ECOSCOPES CO., Ltd. is an Energy Saving Solutions provider, located in Thailand, at the leading edge of power saving and energy cost management. We represent company in United Kingdom (UK) offering modern energy saving products and systems embodying cutting edge technologies that can dramatically reduce your energy bills, lower maintenance costs and improve equipment performance with off the shelf solutions and easy to install retrofit devices. Our products range from domestic and small businesses applications to commercial and industrial plants.

We provide innovative, focused solutions that deliver measurable results. Our team of highly experienced professionals provide turnkey energy saving solutions which reduce maintenance costs and machine downtime and energy bill.

As energy needs grow, global warming becomes one of the greatest environmental challenges facing the world. We help forward thinking companies adopt a responsible approach to energy management. 

We are at the front line of the battle—proving that reducing your carbon emissions profile and your energy costs are no longer mutually exclusive.


Consider for a moment what businesses you know that use lighting?.... Maybe we should change that question and ask, what businesses do you know that do not use lighting? Im sure the answer is NONE! For how would you run your business without lighting? We have come a...