Energy Monitoring System

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Eniscope Real-time puts you in control of your energy costs and your carbon footprint. Eniscope makes the invisible – now visible.

You will be able to see exactly where your energy is going, second by second, and this empowers you to prevent waste and make substantial savings.

Eniscope Hybrid is a multi-channel, three phase energy meter and sensing system combined with a processing facility designed to gather, summaries, store and transmitenergy related information to cloud based servers for presentation and analysis.The Eniscope Hybrid allows the user to monitor energy usage in real time thereby helping to identify waste and eliminate costs…

Eniscope Hybrid combines 8 three-phase metering points and 8 pulse inputs to enable measurement and analysis of gas and water consumption.

The compact, plug and play system can be easily installed by an electrician, instantly providing real-time data on energy consumption patterns by individual piece of equipment, circuit, building or property portfolio.

Eniscope Hybrid records minute-by-minute data, which can be displayed to building occupants, or included on websites, via a range of public displays.

Data can be viewed in real-time on any computer, or across a range of portable devices, from anywhere
in the world. Historical data can be accessed and analysed, at oneminute resolution via the cloud based Best Analytics system. Eniscope hybrid has been engineered to allow continuous, remote improvements and upgrades via the cloud, making this the world’s most durable and future proof solution to energy
monitoring and efficiency.

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