iMec Single Phase 20Amps

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20A Single-phase Intelligent Motor Energy Controller (iMEC) ensures motor efficiency by reading a form of feedback on the power supply as demand changes at the motor shaft, in effect turning the motor into its own load sensor.

Using this feedback iMEC electronically ‘sizes’ a motor to both its application and load cycle every fraction of a second, ensuring it draws just the right amount of power required at any instant in time. It also enables the motor to run as a much more resistive load improving power factor quality.

Starting the motor is made smoother through a process of controlled acceleration, minimizing wear and tear and helping prevent maximum demand charges often associated with starting loaded motors.

iMEC technology utilises dynamic, proprietary software developed following years of ongoing research.

Key Benefits:

1. Suitable for Most Applications

2. Reduces heat, noise and vibration

3. Extends equipment life and reduces maintenance

4. Improves power factor quality

6. Reduces energy consumption by up to 40%

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